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Supporting student nurses at the University of Huddersfield

We worked with the School of Human and Health Sciences at the University of Huddersfield to help connect student nurses to support.

Key problems: isolation off campus

The school’s main aim was to support nursing students who may be off campus for placement opportunities. For these students, isolation from their campus community was a significant concern.

The school wanted to find a solution that would increase connectivity amongst their students. They were keen that a sense of belonging wasn’t lost when students were away from the university.

Our solution: taking communication online

Indigo was designed to take student interactions online, making it easier for them to access support, wherever they are.. Working with the University of Huddersfield, we were able to develop an online environment that allowed nursing students to stay connected to campus, even when they were away.

The results: who we helped.

Following the project, we completed an anonymous review amongst participating students. This helped us to understand more about who they were and how the platform could support them.

Of the students surveyed, 85% told us they were the first generation in their family to attend university. 71% told us they were mature students (classified as aged over 21), 14% identified as having a disability. One of the key benefits we took away from the project was the software’s capacity to support students who hadn’t entered Higher Education via the traditional route.

“It offers our students the chance to get the benefits of peer mentoring online.

Dr Georgina Blakeley, Director of Teaching, Learning and Student Experience.

“(I use it to) get to know other students as I could not attend University.”

Anonymous student feedback.

About Indigo

Indigo takes your community online, creating bespoke online environments that make it easier for your members to connect, collaborate and access support remotely.