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Automatic Matching

Your organisation’s mentoring programme is fully automated, meaning that student matching, communication and quality monitoring are all handled by the software.  

The algorithm matches students with mentors based on their shared experiences. The software provides a recommended list of mentors for each student based on modules, but students can also use our search function to find mentors based on other indicators like pastoral queries, extra-curricular activities and shared interests.

Incentivised Mentoring incentivises mentor’s participation by helping them build their employability. Mentors are reviewed by each student they help based on common skills employers look for, from soft skills like communication and time keeping, to specific subject knowledge.

This enables them to build a bank of testimonials displaying their employability characteristics to potential employers. 

VLE Integration.

The app supports integration with your organisation’s virtual learning environment, allowing students to access the software as a regular point of contact throughout their online experience with their university. uses single sign on functionality, enabling us to pre-upload student data and allowing for a quick and efficient sign up process.  

Fully Moderated.

Users can ‘report’ any interactions with a mentor or mentee that cause concern, whether this be inappropriate behaviour or a mental health disclosure. Reports are sent directly to a university moderator who can then review the interaction and take standard disciplinary action.

Using our moderator dashboard, universities can monitor their students’ interactions on, including: all recent reviews, reported conversations and a real time update on active users and messages sent.


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