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Addressing student retention issues with Keele University: research piece

We conducted an academic research project alongside experts at Keele University. The paper looked into the impact of peer mentoring on student retention, and how Indigo could impact this further.

The study

An ERDF funded study was conducted alongside Dr Colin Rigby at Keele University into the benefits of peer mentoring within HE institutions. The focus was on Indigo’s unique position and ability to maximise those benefits. Data was collated from various bodies of literature and academic research.

The benefits of mentoring

The study found a number of benefits to being a mentor that the Indigo software was able to maximise. These included: personal satisfaction; a sense of purpose; supporting others; the enjoyment of passing on knowledge and gaining relevant work experience.

The study also found a number of benefits to being mentored that the Indigo software could maximise. These included: boosted confidence; a sense of belonging; attainment or improvement in grades; happiness and a reduced risk of dropping out of university.

Benefitting universities

Crucially for universities, an effective peer mentoring system increases mentee happiness and decreases the risk of student dropouts. This then presents a financial incentive. This demonstrates a return on investment for use of the software as a tool capable of retaining students.

The study concludes that has a unique ability to address roughly half of all reasons a student makes the decision to drop out of university, improving an institution’s retention rate by 50%.

About Indigo

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