Meet our team

The Indigo team is comprised of innovators, academics and tech executives with a combined 47 years’ experience in building and scaling software solutions.

Senior Management

James Doherty

Founder & CEO

James founded Indigo in 2017 after graduating from university. He has a background in law and is a long-term member at The Hadyn Green Institute for Innovation at The University of Nottingham.

As CEO, James oversees all major business operations and leads on the company’s innovation and development for future growth.

Emily Goodwin

Marketing Director

Emily first began working at Indigo in 2018 and specialises in digital marketing. Alongside her current role as Marketing Director for Indigo, Emily is a core member of the Women’s Higher Education Network.

Emily handles all marketing strategy and communications for the company..

Chris Tossell

Group Commercial Director

Chris joined the Indigo team as an adviser to the board in 2020 and is now the company’s Commercial Director, coming from a background of over 10 years’ experience in rapid growth start-ups. Chris leads on all major commercial operations.

Phylip Morgan

Chair of the Board

Named as one of the Top 50 UK Tech Executives, and with over 30 years’ experience in the software industry, Phyl joined Indigo in 2021 as Chairman of the Board. Phyl advises on all business development strategies.

Experience programme team

A huge part of our work involves supporting the careers of young professionals, and we’re proud to work with some amazing students and graduates to help them build their portfolios.

Oratile Mookodi

Rati is a University of Exeter graduate working on student facing marketing within the Indigo for Education branch. You’ll find her blogging for and working on social media.

Ravneet Kaur

Rav is a recent psychology graduate from the University of Greenwich, and is currently working on social media marketing for the Indigo for Education branch.

Charlotte Lassman

Charlotte recently graduated from University and is working on marketing for the Indigo for Education branch to help support students and graduates with life at university.

Advisory team

Dr David Langley

David is a celebrated academic and UCL alumnus with 35 years’ experience working in universities and higher education providers globally. David advises on academic research and strategy.

Justin Shaw

Justin is a Higher Education Communications specialist with over 30 years’ experience working with more than 100 universities globally. Justin advises on our education strategy.


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