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Helping the Ingenuity Network stay connected during the pandemic

During the COVID19 pandemic, the Ingenuity Network took their competition online. We helped participants to stay connected, collaborate and learn from each other.

Key problems: staying connected during the pandemic

The Ingenuity Network at the University of Nottingham is a short term programme run over the course of 40 days. It features training, mentoring and in person pitching events. During the COVID19 pandemic, the network needed to quickly pivot to an online model that could support their 200+ members. Participants would need to access resources and mentors online, as well as collaborate and connect with their fellow participants. The pandemic presented a challenge for the network, as it relied heavily on its community aspect to add value for all participants.

Our solution: developing an online portal

We developed a bespoke online portal to connect seamlessly with Ingenuity’s existing online resources. Members could match and connect with mentors, discuss and collaborate on group projects and stay connected with updates from the Ingenuity team.

Forums were created in order to maintain the community discussions that Ingenuity relied on to connect its participants together. Additionally, mentors were able to match with mentors from the programme who could best support their projects.

The results: what Ingenuity said.

We chatted to the programme runners at Ingenuity, as well as some of their participants! Here’s what they had to say.

“[Indigo] solves the challenge of remote connectivity with an online solution that will enable sharing, co-creation, and agility of use – it’s a tool that will connect talent to knowledge where it is.”

Steve Chapman, Head of Ingenuity

“We can offer our participants a first-class mentoring experience online, at a time that works for them.”

Lizzie Smith, Head of Programme

“The mentor broke the idea down, understood it with me, and then built it back up again to refine it – that was a pivotal moment for me.”

Luke Smith, competition participant

“The bespoke advice I received from the mentors was so valuable, as well as the training on finances, which was an important area for me.”

Anonymous competition participant

About Indigo

Indigo takes your community online, creating bespoke online environments that make it easier for your members to connect, collaborate and access support remotely.