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Independent Training Providers

Tapping into the knowledge and skills of your wider community enhances the overall learning experience for your members. Indigo software enhances your training by providing an additional stream of knowledge.

Provide long-term learning opportunities

An online platform provides life-long learning from your members, enabling them to stay connected to other learners and engaged with your organisation, even after their course with you has finished.

Create an additional revenue stream

Adding an online community element also provides the opportunity to develop an additional revenue stream. We encourage our partners to mark up the price of their course to include community membership.

Help members learn from each other

An online community provides members with 24/7 supplementary support alongside your training modules. Access to community software enables them to chat and collaborate with other learners, share questions with the group and learn from those around them.

β€œ[Indigo] solves the challenge of remote connectivity with an online solution that will enable sharing, co-creation, and agility of use – it’s a tool that will connect talent to knowledge where it is.”

Joining forces with Indigo Mentoring can help you take your online training to the next level and provide a value-added service to your clients.