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Software features

Our software has been tried and tested by top Universities for the past 6 years to increase engagement with mentoring and reduce employee turnover. That said, we are constantly improving and adding to our community platform, so please get in touch to see the software in practice.

Automated 1:1 matching

Indigo’s matching algorithm connects members to other advisers in your community based on their specific professional field, whether that’s what modules they’re studying or the department they work in.

As well as automated matching, our member directory allows users to search for advisers based on other areas of interest, enabling greater autonomy in the mentoring process and allowing them to choose an adviser they’re comfortable with.

Group collaboration

As well as enabling private communication between members, Indigo also facilitates group collaboration through our forums. These bolster a sense of community by allowing members to chat, share ideas and collaborate as a group.

Users can create forums based on specific shared issues, tag in topics and even schedule events.


Using the Indigo platform, your members are prompted to leave reviews for their mentors and advisers. Reviews act as positive reinforcement and a tool to incentivise engagement with your community platform, as they allow advisers to build testimonials that can help build a bank of evidence to aid their professional development.

Monitor interactions

Using Indigo’s sophisticated monitoring system, you can keep track of any potential issues in real time. When a user feels unsure, uncomfortable or just wants to flag up an issue, they can use the ‘report’ button and send a full transcript of their conversation directly to your inbox.

There’s no need to check in – the system will notify you if there’s a problem that needs your attention!

Track ROI

Using our administrative portal, you can keep track of your return on investment in the Indigo platform. View trending discussions in forums, monitor interactions and reviews and understand more about how members of your organisation are engaging with the platform.

For a full software demonstration including other existing features such as our administrative portal and reporting function, please get in touch.