Making mentoring easy.

By taking mentoring online using a streamlined and integrated solution, we make it easier for communities to connect, collaborate and access support remotely.


The Indigo software is full customisable, enabling you to create a solution that’s aligned with your organisation’s branding and functional requirements. Our software, your solution.


Communication takes place in app, and the Indigo software facilitates all matching and monitoring of users and interactions, minimising staff time spent on administration.


The Indigo software is designed to integrate seamlessly with your organisation’s online environments, from VLEs to member directories, meaning you can ‘plug in and go’.

Remote communication

The Indigo software enables members of your community to chat, collaborate and access support online, meaning distance isn’t a barrier to connectivity.

Users can choose from private one on one chats, or start a wider conversation with our group forums.

Targeted matching

Users are provided with a recommended list of advisers based on their unique questions and concerns, ensuring efficient and beneficial connections.

Alternatively, users can access and chat with mentors of their choice.


Sophisticated monitoring.

Administrators from your organisation can log in and view interactions, tracking usage in real time and monitoring user engagement.

Our reporting function ensures issues are referred directly to your email inbox.

Incentivised engagement.

Users are reviewed by the people they help, enabling them to build a portfolio of testimonials demonstrating their skills and making mentoring worth their while.

Where we work

Indigo for education

Indigo for business

Working in a different area?

The Indigo software is uniquely designed to bring together communities on any scale. We’re currently operating in the education and business sectors, but if you’re working in a different area and want to learn more, we’d love to hear from you!

Developed alongside industry leaders

Over the last four years we’ve worked with leading innovators, academics and software specialists on research and pilot projects.