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Harness the collective intelligence of your community

Turn on internal mentorship to unlock ‘the unknown Indigo of infinite possibility’.


Cultivate talent, optimise performance and drive organisational change quickly. An Indigo community is designed to match your organisation’s individual functions and requirements.


We offer a ‘plug in and go’ solution that takes the strain out of everyday administration, monitoring and management. Access a first-class community software experience at the click of a button.

Cost effective

Indigo software is designed to scale with you. We offer an affordable pricing model curated based on your membership numbers and individual needs.

Add value for your members

Indigo communities are a secure and private online environment to help your members access the right support, wherever they are and whenever they need it.

  • Foster a community mindset and build team relationships by facilitating collaboration, mentoring and group support.
  • Equip your members with the tools to improve attainment and encourage personal and professional development.
  • Cultivate talent and maximise team efficiency.

Manage your community effectively

We’ve developed a first-class system to make managing a community simple. Our ‘plug in and go’ solution is designed to work seamlessly, connecting your community with minimal set up time.

  • Streamline and optimise the onboarding process for new recruits, encouraging engagement and ensuring the right support is in place.
  • Facilitate easier community administration by automating matching, communication and monitoring.
  • Integrate with other internal processes to schedule meetings, set events and more.


Monitor interactions securely

We want your members to feel comfortable communicating and reaching out for support, whilst also providing insight to help you improve your offering.

  • Track progress in real time, identifying the most engaged members of your organisation and learning more about those who need support.
  • View trending topics and themes to understand more about your community’s thoughts, needs and concerns – as they happen.
  • Access reported transcripts through our administrative portal, enabling you to handle reported issues quickly and efficiently.

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