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Connecting your community

Indigo creates bespoke online communities that make it easier for your members to connect, collaborate and access support remotely.


Indigo software is fully customisable. We’ll work with you to produce a white-labelled platform that aligns with your organisation’s functional and visual requirements. Our software, your solution.


We automate in-app communication, matching, monitoring and more, with a swift and simple registration process using single sign on. Let the tech do the leg work.


The software integrates seamlessly with your organisation’s existing online environments. This allows us to match your security requirements and ensures users never feel like they’re leaving your space.

Add value for your members

We create a secure and private online environment that allows your members to access the right support, wherever they are and whenever they need it.

  • Harness the collective intelligence of your network and encourage mentoring and collaborative interactions between members.
  • Supplement your existing member support with a platform that’s available 24/7 and remains available after courses have finished.
  • Switch on our reviews function to incentivise engagement, enabling members to build testimonials from the people they support.

Manage your community

The Indigo software is designed to help you manage your community online, saving time and maximising value for your members.

  • Facilitate targeted mentor matching, ensuring users are always connected to the most effective support available.
  • Create forums to encourage collaboration, and enable group discussions on the topics that matter to you.
  • Tailor the experience to your organisation’s user journey, facilitating private and group discussions, scheduling events and more.


Monitor interactions safely

We’ve created a fully private and secure solution, which encourages safe interactions, disables personal data sharing and helps you keep an eye on how the platform is used.

  • Use our admin portal to see the most engaged members of your community, track trends in discussions and understand more about how your members are using the platform in real time.
  • The Indigo reporting function ensures you’re able to quickly monitor and deal with any interactions that go against your community guidelines – we’ll notify you straight away if there’s an alert.

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